i’m jealous of molly briggs

American artist Molly Briggs uses acrylic, tempera & ink on paper to create these lovely pieces, which are in fact only studies for one of her painting series, titled Clearing. Yep, I know… I wish that my “studies” were this gorgeous!

{Molly is represented by Zg Gallery in Chicago.}

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  1. Shannon /// 08.10.2011 /// 9:47am

    I’m jealous too! These are fantastic. Love the paints together with the sharp lines of the ink.

  2. S. Carmody /// 08.11.2011 /// 9:05am

    These are beautiful! You seem to just find everything!

  3. emmadajska /// 08.11.2011 /// 11:36am

    love it! and the fact that these are only the studies… I like many of my “sketches” or “studies” more than the final pieces… maybe it’s because i don’t get too serious about them?