i’m jealous of ryan stewart nault

Whoa, very cool work {oh, and also, he’s only 20 years old}… double whoa. Chicago based artist Ryan Stewart Nault is the latest artist to have his work featured on Little Paper Planes. I saw these paintings for the first time yesterday, and immediately loved them. Elements from nature, strange planes intersecting with eachother, and amazing color palettes featuring that fantastic coral pink… Ok, now I’m at triple ‘whoa.’

{All five of these paintings can be purchased as prints on LPP… just click right here!}

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  1. Ryan Stewart /// 10.05.2011 /// 7:16am

    wow, I’m flattered, Thank you so much for the “triple whoa”

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.05.2011 /// 8:50am

    you’re welcome ryan!
    ps. just so you know, “triple whoa” is an official art term… ok, maybe not, but it should be ; )