i’m jealous of aili schmeltz

Orange thread… mountains… gold… stripes… wood… STOP! I can’t take any more – it’s all so amazing! I love these sculptures by LA based artistĀ Aili Schmeltz. Stunning, sharp geometric shapes married perfectly with soft organic elements. I was going to try to explain what this work is all about, but it will be so much easier to let Aili do it:

My most recent body of work examines my fascination and love/hate relationship with the city of Los Angeles, where I currently live. Los Angeles has a sordid environmental history as a strange apocalyptic theme park. It’s plush, manicured landscape is a reminder of both a forced growth in an otherwise desert geography and as a monument to man’s ingenuity made possible by diverting an unfathomable amount of water from distant sources. I am fascinated by the hybridized structures and blatant artifice of the city in both it’s natural and man made environments where hill top homes float precariously overhead on earth that has a topographical complexity of embedded catastrophe.

{I found the gold piece, titled quite appropriately, “Bling”, on the always fabulousĀ Design for Mankind}

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  1. alexx /// 10.06.2011 /// 7:27am

    That first piece is simply heartbreakingly amazing.

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.06.2011 /// 3:16pm

    sigh. heartbreaking indeed… so good!

  3. Carmen /// 10.08.2011 /// 7:52pm

    There’s thread involved, my jealousy alarm is now going off…
    The second from the last, phew that’s a good’n

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.08.2011 /// 8:37pm

    ha! i have that same alarm ; )
    … and yep, that’s a good one!

  5. Liesl /// 10.08.2011 /// 11:20pm

    These are amazing!