i’m still jealous of langdon graves

I wrote about Brooklyn based artist Langdon Graves almost exactly one year ago. I came across some of her work {graphite drawings on mylar} that I hadn’t seen before, and I could not stop myself from writing again. Thick glasses, side pony-tails, and bunny-handed girls… oh yes, I’m still completely smitten ♥

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  1. Teresa /// 10.10.2011 /// 8:02am

    These are great!

    Check out this artist, I think you will like him!!!


  2. Grace /// 10.10.2011 /// 10:45am

    She also has 2 gorgeous prints available on ArtStar that are really affordable. Love her! http://www.artstar.com/art/artist-1/artwork-cycle-by-langdon-graves-648.html

  3. the jealous curator /// 10.10.2011 /// 11:04am

    thanks for the link grace!