i’m jealous of cassia beck

Oh, so pretty… and oddly familiar.┬áThese photographs are the work of Brighton based artist Cassia Beck,┬ábut each one also feels like it could be an image from my own memory… sorting buttons with my grandmother, collecting pinecones with my mom, and I’m almost certain that my sister and I had that pink rose wallpaper in our room when were little. Now, if I could just get my hands on those tights, and a some of those shoes, I’d be all set!

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  1. Lisa Graham Art /// 10.11.2011 /// 8:09am

    I concur. I am jealous too. For a second there I thought I was back at my grandmother’s house.

  2. victoria /// 10.11.2011 /// 2:18pm

    gorgeous! i’ve long been a fan of cassia on flickr. so nice to see her work here!

  3. the jealous curator /// 10.11.2011 /// 2:50pm

    yes – i just love it! totally reminds me of holly farrell’s paintings actually.

  4. Jenean /// 11.24.2011 /// 5:45pm

    So lovely! I adore Cassia’s work!

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