i’m jealous of tom berenz

This gorgeous series of oil paintings on panel, by American artist Tom Berenz, is titled quite appropriately “Flood”. Beautiful, quiet, and sad all at the same time, his work depicts the strangely peaceful aftermath of major natural disasters. The imagery is haunting, and his color choices are fantastic! Love.

{via Art Hound}

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  1. rObfOs /// 10.27.2011 /// 12:57pm

    After helping clean up after recent floods my immediate response to these works is the memory of the pungently sweet, putrid smell that assails your olfactory senses and hangs on you for days and days, I’m afraid I won’t be joining you for that lovely glass of milk just yet, but kudos to the artist for ably evoking such immediate responses.

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.27.2011 /// 1:08pm

    i’m so sorry that you went through that. i have never suffered through a flood so i probably shouldn’t have made a joke, i just absolutely love the color he chose for the water… in fact, i’m going to remove that from the post right now.

  3. rObfOs /// 10.28.2011 /// 12:26am

    Oh goodness no, please don’t remove your comment, it’s not offensive in the least! I just find it so interesting how everyone’s different life experiences affect our reactions. Tom Berenz’s muddy water certainly has the viscosity of a chocolate thickshake ^o^. Love your blog and all the different kind of arts practices you share on it.

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.28.2011 /// 6:56am

    no, i had actually thought as i was writing it that it might be inappropriate given the subject matter… i’m happy to have it gone, but probably will still get that glass of chocolate milk later today ; )

  5. molly /// 10.28.2011 /// 6:28am

    Lovely, all those cars drowning!

  6. S /// 08.16.2012 /// 7:36pm

    I’m jealous of Dirk Skreber. Similarity?


  7. the jealous curator /// 08.16.2012 /// 7:41pm