i’m jealous of jorge chamorro

These fantastic collages are just a teeny-tiny snippet of the MASSIVE portfolio belonging to Spanish designer/artist Jorge Chamorro. So, how you ask, did I choose these four… honestly, it was those striped socks with their “du’s” and their “DA’s” that got me. I want the socks on my feet, and the collages on my wall. A lot.

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  1. Diana /// 11.01.2011 /// 6:52am

    You might know that already, but DUDA means “doubt”.
    That first collage is my favorite.

  2. Rebeca Trevino /// 11.01.2011 /// 6:59am

    Love love love chamorro’s work. (i love collage)

    ps: where / how do you find all these amazing artists?

    i recently came across 2 other collage artists from spain, FYI
    http://tardamucho.blogspot.com/ and

  3. MarĂ­a /// 11.01.2011 /// 3:21pm

    Wow! What a great surprise! This amazing artist is my boyfriends cousin! Family proud!!

  4. the jealous curator /// 11.01.2011 /// 5:01pm

    He is amazing… glad to do your family proud! And Diana… no, I didn’t know Duda means doubt, but I do now (thanks!) Rebeca… I find artists just about everywhere, but in this case I got a lovely comment from Jorge on another post, and I went to check out his work (and was jealous!)