i’m jealous of scott massey

I have boxes upon boxes of weird little bits and pieces in my studio… this tribal, totem-esque series, titled neonative, by American designer/artist Scott Massey makes me want to do something with all that stuff {something really, really good!}.

“With a box of scraps that I’ve been carrying around with me since life in NY, collages were made using amazing photos of Native Americans found in Lanterns on the Prairie: the Blackfeet Photographs of Walter McClintock. When the box is finished so will the project, so far there are 20 pieces.”
~ Scott Massey

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  1. Amanda /// 11.10.2011 /// 9:59am

    What’s with all these amazing collage pieces I’ve been seeing recently?! Makes me want to go rummaging and make some cool stuff too.

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.11.2011 /// 7:12am

    i’ve been snipping and gluing since i posted this! get rummaging ; )

  3. Will Bryant /// 11.17.2011 /// 11:39am

    Scott is world class. Anything he produces is spot on!