i’m jealous of javier piñón… again

I’m not sure how I missed these amazing pieces?! Maybe it’s my insane fear of snakes, or maybe it’s because the last time I wrote about Brooklyn based artist Javier Piñón, I was so infatuated with his chandelier-riding cowboys that I didn’t make it any deeper into his portfolio. Well, shame on me, because look what was there! Sexy, vintage Medusas! I love this collage work so much… and that’s sayin’ something, because, in case you didn’t pick up on it, I am terrified of snakes! Terrified.

{Thanks to Fine Line Magazine for tweeting about this work!}

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  1. Carrie /// 12.21.2011 /// 9:30am

    These are awesome. When I was little I was terrified of Medusa because my parents told me that if I didn’t wash the chlorine out of my hair after swimming that it would turn green and then turn in to snakes. (Nice parents, right?) Luckily, I’ve gotten over that and now I think Medusa’s pretty cool.

  2. the jealous curator /// 12.21.2011 /// 2:00pm

    well, at least you don’t have chlorine damaged hair?! ; )

  3. Christine Damm /// 01.06.2012 /// 12:31pm

    I’m really there with you on the snakes! But in terms of color and design and pattern, they are so cool– some of the best in the animal kingdom. Thanks for the post.