i’m jealous of lissy laricchia

Giant teacups. Girls defying gravity. Bunny masks in the woods. Um, yes, I love this.

Let’s Play Pretend is the title of this Alice in Wonderland inspired photographic series, by Canadian artist Lissy Laricchia. They are soft and beautiful, and slightly disturbing… I think Mr. Carroll would be proud.

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  1. Julie /// 02.07.2012 /// 8:26am

    Really magical. xo

  2. Kimberly /// 02.07.2012 /// 8:44am

    All kinds of awesome.

  3. Sandra /// 02.07.2012 /// 9:47am

    I like the lush look of the forest. And the subtlety ofvthe photo manipulation. Perhaps it’s the familiarity of the Alice story but they seem completely plausible to me.

  4. Hagar /// 02.07.2012 /// 10:22am

    Indeed bit disturbing…looking again on the series, the first photo seems not to fit to the rest, but very magical…

  5. the jealous curator /// 02.07.2012 /// 11:59am

    i agree… it’s shot differently, but it’s just so fantastic that i had to include it! (how did she do it?!)

  6. Hagar /// 02.07.2012 /// 12:16pm

    I was wondering also…must be magic…:-)

  7. Melanie Saucier à la maison /// 02.07.2012 /// 1:22pm

    The exagerated sizes of things and gravity defying belong to the fantastic world indeed! Great shots and yes, good job on the post processing. Enough to create an intrigue but not too much so it looks completely out of this world.

  8. sharon/theteacupincident /// 02.07.2012 /// 1:31pm

    There are marvelous moods depicted in these photos while being slightly disturbing. Thank you for always poking my mind in new directions.

  9. Brandi /// 02.07.2012 /// 4:30pm

    I’m wildly jealous of her too. I mean, brilliant photographs and she has a giant teacup you could stand in? Totally unfair.

  10. the jealous curator /// 02.07.2012 /// 8:06pm

    totally unfair.

  11. Banookes /// 11.10.2012 /// 10:01pm

    This seamlessly weaves images to guide the viewer through a story. Each photograph is telling its own section while sharing aspects with the next photo in succession. The beauty about the first image is that its connection to the rest of the concentration isn’t immediately obvious. Well done.

  12. Jessica Devenyns /// 09.09.2016 /// 6:37am

    Thanks for sharing this. This is amazingly fun!! I’m definitely going to steal some of this for inspiration.