i’m jealous of evonne bellefleur

Icebergs? Pastel-hued boulders? A land made entirely of forgotten bits of chalk? Maybe!

Toronto based photographer Evonne Bellefleur envisioned these places, and asked a very talented stylist, Caitlin Doherty, to build these lovely blocks… or bergs or rocks or chalks… for her. The result is a photographic series of very pretty, airy, geometric landscapes¬†that I desperately want to frame and hang on my wall… and arrange on my end table too!

{The prints of this work range in size from 10″x6″ to 30″x22″ – ¬†oooh, I want a big one!}

comments (3)

  1. WpN /// 02.28.2012 /// 8:50am

    Love this series. Evonne’s site is great too!

  2. just jen /// 02.28.2012 /// 9:32am

    Most excellent crush!
    Reminds me of avaDarlene’s work (aka Darlene Charneco).
    If you haven’t discovered her yet … enjoy!


  3. Anna /// 03.04.2012 /// 9:23am

    Love it!