i’m jealous of leanne shapton

“A month of” all sorts of amazing little drawings and paintings by New York based artist/illustrator {and former art director at The New York Times} Leanne Shapton. Every day of the week she draws or paints something… here’s how her week breaks down: Sunday Walks; Monday Shower Songs; Tuesday Blooms; Wednesday Patterns; Thursday Nights Out; Friday Swims; Saturday Flea Markets; Sunday Night Movies. Genius! My favorite groups were the Mondays, Tuesdays, and Saturdays:

What a lovely way to spend your week, yes?

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  1. Hagar /// 03.29.2012 /// 9:40am

    What a treat!
    Saturday and Wednesday are my top favorites…amazing b&w drawing…

  2. emmadajska /// 03.29.2012 /// 4:18pm

    Wednesday Patterns have just blown my mind away!

    PS. Congrats for your BSDA feature <3

  3. the jealous curator /// 03.29.2012 /// 5:28pm

    thank you! xo

  4. Allison Buenger /// 03.29.2012 /// 7:55pm

    The color combinations in the Monday series are unexpectedly beautiful. Such thoughtful, yet systematic work. Totally up my alley.

  5. the jealous curator /// 03.29.2012 /// 8:30pm

    yes! those colors are amazing!

  6. Christina /// 03.30.2012 /// 4:32am

    Oh YES. Love the color.