blog switch-aroo!

Yes – it’s a blog switch-aroo! I’m not really here, I’m actually over on Pikaland today, writing about my favorite illustrators… and I’m leaving you with the lovely Amy Ng of Pikland who has come to write about her favorite contemporary artists! Ready? Here we go:

Hi there! My name is Amy and I run a blog called Pikaland where I share lots of love for illustrations. Whether it’s emblazoned on a pillow, or a print on the wall, you could say that I go bonkers over anything remotely illustrated. And here in the interwebs I get to meet loads of lovely people and Danielle is one of the most fantastic ladies I’ve ever had a chance to know online. If we were in the same postcode (or country, for that matter), I’m sure we’ll be hanging out with a cup of tea and cakes before we bust out our list of online peeps who rock our world just so that we could swoon all over our screens. I’m sure we are pretty much doing that now, but nothing beats having company!

So the thing is, Danielle and I – we have a bit of a thing between us. She tries her darndnest to find me names of illustrators that I have not come across in the four years of my blogging, and I enjoy myself thoroughly with a giggle whenever I have to tell her “nope, I’ve written about them before!”. So today, the tables are turned and when it came time for me to find artists that she has not already got all huffy and jealous about, I almost wept with despair.


I have managed to pull this one off. Because of late I have been super inspired by pattern, abstracts and color. I can’t explain it, but I am inextricably drawn towards the brazen works of a few select artists who wield their brush and their imagination to create art that draws me in, and here are my three favorites that Danielle hasn’t touched on quite yet (AHA!):

Misato Suzuki lives in Los Angeles and her paintings feature glorious colors and elements of repetition, brought to life through scale and interaction! I love how in her images, there’s this one prominent element that is offset by subtle patterns that add so much texture!

What I love about Jenni Rope is that she toggles between being an artist and an illustrator effortlessly! Apart from that, she also runs a gallery and a publishing arm called Napa Books where they have books that are to die for. She is based in Helsinki, I am really digging her latest paintings! They’re mostly staged abstract landscapes that really show off her affinity with color, but you have to check out her website for all the wonderful things she’s putting out in so many different mediums.

And lastly, Mara Caffarone is based in Bueno Aires and I really love her bold use of colors. I discovered her via Little Paper Planes (check out this interview with her) and her paintings have haunted me ever since. What I enjoy watching was how she gradually shifted her style; from figurative works to her current abstracts. I especially love her experimentations that use different base materials to see how each piece is transformed, ultimately bringing out the beauty of individual artwork.

Well D, I hope you enjoyed some of my picks for the switcharoo! I had so much fun getting all these abstract art out of my system, and I hope your readers will too!

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  1. marchi /// 04.04.2012 /// 6:46am

    Amy I love this post. You and danielle are perfect for the switch. I follow both pikaland and JC. I am going to look at more of these artists work. very fun.

  2. alexx boisjoli /// 04.04.2012 /// 6:47am

    whoa! Two of my favourite blog are now flip-flopping! Amazing stuff you two

  3. the jealous curator /// 04.04.2012 /// 9:17am

    thanks so much alexx! : )

  4. Amy@Pikaland /// 04.04.2012 /// 5:55pm

    Awww thanks Marchi & Alexx! 🙂