i’m jealous of random loveliness

I find all sorts of amazing bits & pieces in my travels around the internet. I usually post them to my “random lovely things” board on Pinterest, but today I thought I’d share a few of my favorites with you… a lovely/random way to kick off the weekend, yes? I didn’t fully realize {ok, I had a hunch}, that I seem to have a thing for neons & neutrals…

… ahhh, finished off with an amazing piece by Banksy. Ok, everything in this post makes me want to make stuff… good thing it’s the weekend! See you on Monday : )

{1. inaluxe 2. Emma Dajska 3. Jack Potter 4. Feathers {I can’t find the artist? Help!}  5. Shaun Kardinal 6. Ritsuko Ozeki 7. Chris Henley 8. Keith P. Rein 9. Leah Durant 10. Banksy}

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  1. Dave /// 06.01.2012 /// 12:34pm

    Rad mix. I really dig that chevron abstract. Chevrons always win in my book.

  2. Greg /// 06.03.2012 /// 3:51pm

    Love the pieces by Emma Dajska & Keith P. Rein.
    & Banksy… not too shabby.

  3. Down and Out Chic /// 06.05.2012 /// 5:43pm

    so glad to see keith’s work featured in your collection! i actually own that very piece and it’s as amazing in person as it on his site. he’s a good friend and an amazing artist!

  4. the jealous curator /// 06.05.2012 /// 6:26pm

    really! well now i’m jealous of you! that piece is AMAZING!!!

  5. the jealous curator /// 06.05.2012 /// 6:31pm

    hey, i just read your blog… i’m so sorry about the fire! i’m glad that all of you are ok (i hope keith’s piece is ok too!) sending lots of good thoughts your way xo

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