i’m jealous of liu ye

And my obsession with slightly strange portraits continues! I can’t help but love these very sweet faces by Chinese artist, Liu Ye. Flat fields of color, rosy cheeks, and of course, Miffy the Bunny… because let’s be honest, no one can resist Miffy.

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  1. Walter Silva /// 07.03.2012 /// 8:39am


  2. Jennifer Johansson /// 07.03.2012 /// 9:22am

    Wow! He’s got a great command of skin tones. I like how these blur the line between overly sweet and creepy/unnerving.
    Another spectacular find.

  3. Keren /// 07.03.2012 /// 12:31pm

    My friend from graduate school, Jenny Liu is actually his muse! Many of the images in the gallery linked are of her. I love Liu Ye’s homage to vintage Chinese advertising posters from Republican Era of 1920-30s and the flatness of his images.


  4. the jealous curator /// 07.03.2012 /// 1:18pm

    wow – how cool! thanks keren!

  5. sue /// 07.11.2012 /// 2:26pm

    I’m in love with these images… !!

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