i’m jealous of… the queen!

Oh my word… the designer in me is having heart palpitations, and I cannot help but say, damn, I wish I thought of this! Who did you ask… the folks at Leo Burnett London, and their friends at Pantone. This genius little swatch book was created for Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee, and showcases the lovely hues she’s worn over her 60 years in reign. Yep, I love it all, from PANTONE 16-2124 Pink Carnation, to PANTONE 13-4411 Crystal Blue. Gah! It’s so good!

{via designboom}

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  1. Maria /// 07.18.2012 /// 7:47am

    That is really neat and creative!

  2. Mary /// 07.18.2012 /// 12:14pm

    WHOA! That is all…

  3. Diana /// 07.18.2012 /// 1:03pm

    Can we buy it??

  4. the jealous curator /// 07.18.2012 /// 1:26pm

    i’m not sure. i just sent a tweet to pantone… stay tuned! ; )

  5. Victoria Smith /// 07.18.2012 /// 3:59pm

    so awesome!

  6. nathalie /// 07.19.2012 /// 6:12am


  7. James /// 07.21.2012 /// 3:42pm

    Darn it…this is just swell! The queen is a colourful lady…love this.

  8. marieloupe /// 09.17.2012 /// 2:23pm

    How can we have one of this?

  9. the jealous curator /// 09.17.2012 /// 4:38pm

    i’m not sure?! i’ve searched high and low but can’t find an answer to that question! sorry : (