i’m jealous of hollie chastain… again

Yes, I need someone to massage my head too… I am totally overwhelmed by how much I love these book cover collages by American artist Hollie Chastain. I wrote about her ages ago, but when I came across a few of these new pieces, clearly I had no choice but to write another post! LOVE

{ps. I am so thrilled to say that Hollie is one of the artists that will be featured in my book, and you better believe that these book covers will be in there… YAY!}

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  1. Ashley Hamilton /// 07.26.2012 /// 9:08am

    oh. my. god. yes.

    you’ve done it again, miss jealous curator!!!! My heart just skipped a beat looking at these gorgeous works.

    And you are creating a book! OMG YES! this just made my day. You tend to do that often. ;)

  2. rachelrianne /// 07.26.2012 /// 6:20pm

    such whimsy and depth w/the mixed media! great find.

  3. the jealous curator /// 07.26.2012 /// 9:10pm

    aren’t they fantastic… and ashley, your lovely comment made my day! thank you : )

  4. Dave /// 07.27.2012 /// 10:37am

    Usually I’m turned off by Victorian era collage work, but these are next level. Thanks for opening my eyes to a new perspective on them.

  5. Rebecca /// 08.10.2012 /// 6:38pm

    I’m lucky to say I will soon own one of her pieces. Thank you for the introduction.

  6. the jealous curator /// 08.10.2012 /// 10:22pm

    yay! that’s so exciting… what did you buy?

  7. Rebecca /// 08.19.2012 /// 1:50pm

    I bought a new piece called Home. It’s a book cover original. Just received it yesterday and love every inch of it.

  8. vantiani /// 08.20.2012 /// 9:24pm

    Oh these are just gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing it and congrats on the book! Yay!


  9. the jealous curator /// 08.20.2012 /// 11:15pm

    aren’t they amazing?! (and thank you!)

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  15. Paula /// 04.07.2013 /// 2:59am

    …and I ❤ the Jealous Curator again, thank you

  16. the jealous curator /// 04.07.2013 /// 7:31am

    ha! thank YOU! ; )

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  19. Lau Herrada /// 06.27.2014 /// 1:09pm

    fabuloso todo lo publicado. Gracias