i’m jealous of nathalie pirotte

Sexy bunnies… and one sassy kitty. I have to admit, these large scale oil paintings by Brussels based artist Nathalie Pirotte have made me a bit of a smitten kitten, too. So bizarre, kinda creepy, and absolutely gorgeous ♥

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  1. M.K. Hajdin /// 08.07.2012 /// 7:58am

    If a man posed in this way, wearing these outfits, would he look like a complete and utter fool?


    Then it’s misogynist.

    In a male-dominated world, there is no way to portray naked women without reinforcing women’s oppression. Some women have learned there’s attention and profit in selling out other women to the Male Gaze. Enjoy those crumbs while you can, Nathalie Pirotte.

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.07.2012 /// 8:37am

    hm. that seems unnecessarily harsh. i have done a series of work myself that feature women in seductive positions… not to exploit them or to make an easy sale, but because those images were necessary to tell the story i was trying to tell. sometimes there is more meaning behind the images people choose to work with – it’s not quite so face value. my two cents.

  3. Melanie /// 08.07.2012 /// 11:31am

    Wow! These are awesome! Dark and stylish, and yeah, a little creepy too.

  4. Dana /// 08.07.2012 /// 6:51pm

    Wow, stunning work. It really brings out some emotional reactions for me.

    Funny M.K. Hajdin, your blog has one rule “don’t be an asshole”. By the way I think a male form could also be quite wonderful in this style.