i’m jealous of guo hongwei

I absolutely love mundane subject matter, and so obviously I love these beautiful, washy, everyday things by Chinese artist Guo Hongwei. He layers/dilutes watercolor paint on paper, creating this blurred effect,  in order to “mimic the way memories get eroded, replaced and deleted.” Yep, another perfect addition to my “beautifully boring” list!

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  1. kittee /// 08.09.2012 /// 11:09pm

    I found your blog through a pin on Pinterest. Thanks for putting this together, the art you’re posting is amazing.


  2. Marine /// 08.10.2012 /// 1:50am

    This is so beautiful and very poetic, i’m a huge fan of everydays things, i’m going to check your “beautifully boring” list right now. (what a perfect name!)

  3. Maria /// 08.10.2012 /// 4:50pm

    I love, love, LOVE that box!

  4. Vicki /// 08.12.2012 /// 2:59am

    Love figurative watercolours – these are fab!