i’m jealous of pae white

Gasp! Porcelain popcorn, with gold glaze. Um… YES!!! I absolutely love these sculptures by LA based artist Pae White. Oh, and her installation, titled Ashen Roses, is insanely beautiful too:

Amazing, right?! Ah, but that popcorn… I cannot get over that popcorn!! Here, have one more look:

Love! And on that deliciously golden note, happy weekend!

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  1. Lianne /// 08.10.2012 /// 8:44am

    Adore the popcorn. I’m really drawn to ceramic art these days but stuff that uses the medium in a non-pot/vase/cup way.

  2. the jealous curator /// 08.10.2012 /// 9:08am

    me too!!!

  3. Patrick /// 08.10.2012 /// 10:46am

    Love love love the popcorn!

  4. Lili Gabbiano /// 08.21.2012 /// 11:33am

    it’s all about the popcorn…which size they actually have…1:1 ?
    maybe also as a popcorn necklace if they are popcorn size of course…

  5. the jealous curator /// 08.21.2012 /// 2:26pm

    isn’t it amazing?! i’m not sure of the scale, but i think this photo might show them (def. much larger than lifesize)

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  9. Const /// 05.20.2014 /// 12:44am

    I bet Pae White wishes she thought of the popcorn as well! She did not though…these are an outrageous copy of Madeleine Child’s work:
    I think Pae White should be ashamed of herself for not even acknowledging that she copied the idea and displayed it as her own. Perhaps she thought that someone in New Zealand would never hear about this!

  10. Ben /// 12.09.2014 /// 10:08am

    Eerily similar to Madeleine Child’s work indeed but go figure who copied whom or if anyone really ever did!
    That said, I just read White’s popcorn were a hit the NADA, one of Art Basel Miami Beach’s satellite fairs. Art Review magazine’s newsletter says “White’s gold and porcelain tabletop sculptures of popcorn, shown by her hometown gallery China Art Objects in Los Angeles, sold out during the first hour of the preview and had a growing waiting list.”
    Shows how good the eye of our beloved Jealous Curator is! (and already was in 2012…)

  11. Bose /// 07.20.2015 /// 6:40am

    Madeleine Childs work was over a year prior to Pae White’s copy. It is not hard to ‘go figure’ unless of course Ben…you are Pae!

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  13. Carol Sadler /// 09.24.2017 /// 3:15pm

    I did actually think of that but didn’t want to re-invent the wheel…(knowing I’d certainly find it elsewhere)…Just wanting to buy a few ‘kernels’ (prefer no ‘scratch/sniff’) Do you sell? Ship? Please?
    530 306 1905