i’m jealous of trey speegle’s show

Oh! I cannot believe I missed this just by a few days! “GOOD LUCK WITH THAT” was an amazing show {that just came down a week ago – sorry!} by American artist Trey Speegle, at Benrimon Contemporary in New York. I’ve only shown a fraction of the amazing work that was included… although, I was tempted to show it all! Here’s a little peek:

Gah! Paint by numbers on mirror?! Paint cans that promise a better future? YES!!! Oh, and then there are these numeric gems:

… and these:

Sigh. This entire show makes me want to run {not walk} to my studio, lock myself in, and just make stuff for days… hm, maybe I’ll start with a paint-by-number kit!

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  1. Moira /// 10.30.2012 /// 7:36am

    Me too!!! Finally getting back “to work” in the studio today. Thanks, as always, for the inspiration.

  2. Elina V.G. /// 11.13.2012 /// 4:16am

    Very interesting works. Thanks for sharing!