i’m jealous of marcel dzama

Ooooooooh, spooky! I have to admit, I’ve had these drawings, by Canadian artist Marcel Dzama in my bookmarks folder since August… and yes, I was waiting til Hallowe’en to post them! Creepy trees, girls in masks, and a group of bat-scouts! YES!!! Not only is his creepy subject matter perfect for today, but so are his art supplies… ink, watercolor, AND rootbeer concentrate! Now that’s my kind o’ sweet treat!

Have a safe and happy Hallowe’en tonight!!!

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  1. Katy /// 10.31.2012 /// 6:56am

    I would have enjoyed being a Brownie so much more if I could have worn a menacing red hood! (I’m showing my ginger cat the smoking lions in the hopes that he’ll stop licking his bum while we’re eating and adopt a more refined attitude.)

  2. Amanda Leigh /// 10.31.2012 /// 7:26am

    I love these drawings- they are somewhat Wes Anderson-y (the scouts remind me of his latest movie Moonrise Kingdom). I love the sense of humor of using root beer as an art supply.

  3. jeff /// 10.31.2012 /// 10:24am

    Where do you find all this amazing stuff?
    I am always impressed.

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  5. the jealous curator /// 10.31.2012 /// 10:47am

    aren’t they great! jeff, this has become a bit of an obsession for me so i am constantly looking… everywhere! and amanda – yes, VERY wes anderson!!! and katy… i was in brownies too! you’re right – that hood would have made it cooler! ; )