i’m jealous of amanda jasnowski

If my hands were this lovely & delicate, I’d photograph them in a zillion settings too! Amanda Jasnowski is an American photographer who relocated from Ohio to New York, three weeks ago… just in time for the hurricane! Don’t worry, she and her hands are just fine.

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  1. Artsy Forager /// 11.07.2012 /// 12:58pm

    These are really lovely. Our hands and what we do with them say so much about us– such an interesting concept for a series!

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.07.2012 /// 1:15pm

    i couldn’t agree more! : )

  3. Jörg /// 11.07.2012 /// 10:54pm

    That is one great wallpaper! I wish i had just one wall in my sleeping room with that pattern!

  4. emmadajska /// 11.08.2012 /// 5:46am

    oh god, good to know someone shares my obsession for hands