i’m jealous of barry underwood

Maybe it’s because people are already starting to hang Christmas lights, but today I was in the mood for some gorgeous light installations… so I googled “light installations, art”, and look what I found!!! American artist Barry Underwood and his stunning, candy-hued lights floating magically in nature. Thanks google – I owe ya one.

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  1. Miss Ruth /// 11.21.2012 /// 8:48am

    Those are amazing! Beautiful landscape photos – kicked up a notch!

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.21.2012 /// 12:53pm


  3. Tracey /// 11.21.2012 /// 1:09pm

    So am I !!!!

  4. Jessica /// 11.21.2012 /// 6:37pm

    So magical! I want to be in all those places. Forever.

  5. linda /// 11.15.2014 /// 3:51pm

    I love to paint and I must say those paintings are amazing!