i’m jealous of peter trevelyan

Pencil leads. Elaborate sculptures made from teeny tiny pencil leads fused together {somehow?!}. Seriously. This stunning work is by New Zealand artist Peter Trevelyan. He uses triangles as the basic unit for all of his work, and then builds from there. I’m not sure what to say about his work, except this: whoa… pencil lead?!!? Oh, and did I mention his stunning work with triangular mirrors?


{The sculpture above is titled “MIMETIC BROTHERHOOD” and was in Wellington NZ until January of 2012. Where is it now? I don’t know! Do you?}

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  1. Bev /// 11.23.2012 /// 8:58am

    I have no idea how you find all of these fabulous artists but I do know that I linked to your blog from the blog All Adither and I have thanked her profusely for mentioning you. The variety and styles of art you feature here nearly always take my breath away. My husband and I travel throughout the states for several months a year and visit art museums wherever we can.

    Thank you! This is like having a museum at my fingertips!!!

  2. the jealous curator /// 11.23.2012 /// 9:36am

    oh, thank you so much bev! what a lovely, lovely compliment!

  3. Keber /// 11.25.2012 /// 1:21pm

    Hey, Peters work was taken down and is probably in a warehouse somewhere, i think its every 2 years that new art is installed for that space in front of the museum , now Joanna Langford has a piece called out of the dust and you can find more info on wellington sculptures at http://www.sculpture.org.nz/

  4. the jealous curator /// 11.25.2012 /// 4:16pm

    thanks sarah!