i’m jealous of adrienne slane

So, you all know how I feel about found image collage, right? If you’re unsure… I love it. LOVE IT! And the work of American artist Adrienne Slane is no exception – imagine how excited I was when these lovely little snipped n’ glued beauties arrived in my inbox?!¬†Sigh. They make me want to flip through a whole stack of ¬†natural history journals… with my scissors.

comments (3)

  1. Hagar /// 12.12.2012 /// 11:45am

    Love it! especially the last one…

  2. Tracey /// 12.13.2012 /// 2:00pm

    I get it : Jealous Big Time !!!
    This is gorgeous work.

  3. Catherine /// 01.03.2013 /// 5:41am

    These collage pieces of Adrienne Slane must take hours and hours to produce and require a heck of a lot of fine-motor skill and patience! They are not just visually stunning, they produce this nostalgic desire in me for all things Victorian and also evoke a sense of reverence in me. Yet, there is a small element of the morbid which adds an interesting, unsettling feeling. The best art is that which produces a vivid response, like these works. The more I look, the more I see, almost as if there are images hidden in plain sight through the intricate patterns. I haven’t seen anything else like this.