i’m still jealous of ali cavanaugh

I absolutely love the watercolor frescos of American artist Ali Cavanaugh. I am in awe of her painting skills, and I love, love, love her unique subject matter. I wrote about her in 2009, and as I started to think about packing for Alt Summit {less than a week to go!}, her work came springing back to mind. Striped tights, polka-dots, and pretty girls with their hair twisted back… ok, maybe just one more pair of stripey socks in my suitcase.

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  1. Joan /// 01.18.2013 /// 9:06am

    These are stunning!!

  2. gretchen /// 01.18.2013 /// 10:08am

    I’m so happy for her and so sad that they aren’t mine.

  3. allie kelley /// 01.18.2013 /// 1:59pm

    so very fun!

  4. Belinda Del Pesco /// 01.18.2013 /// 2:58pm

    I’m with Gretchen – I wish a few of those were on my walls. She’s such a great artist, and I always want to change my socks into something with stripes and dots after I see her work. 🙂

  5. Zia Daugherty /// 01.19.2013 /// 7:05pm

    Lovely! I love the third and fourth one especially. What a great idea and how great it is that they are painting in watercolors! Beautiful. 🙂

  6. Katy /// 01.23.2013 /// 3:21am

    It makes me want to teach all my Pilates classes with socks on my arms…