i’m jealous of robert townsend

Watercolor on paper. Um. What?! That metallic oil can, that mixer… but how? The matchbook and candles are oil on panel, but still, I’m in awe… Yes, Robert Townsend, you have me baffled. Hm, it feels pretty good on a Wednesday morning, actually. Thanks, Robert.

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  1. Rowan /// 01.30.2013 /// 9:33am

    Yowsah! These are beyond awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Artsy Forager /// 01.30.2013 /// 9:47am

    LOVE Robert Townsend’s work. I fell in love the moment I saw the blender & cracker tin ( my parents had one just like it! ).

  3. the jealous curator /// 01.30.2013 /// 9:51am

    i think my grandmother had one like it too!

  4. Vikki /// 01.30.2013 /// 10:01am

    Love Robert Townsend’s work. We are thrilled to be featuring several of his painting this September at the BMoA, including Stable Flo, Housewares, and 10 Cent Spirals. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Ana /// 01.30.2013 /// 10:57am

    I’ll just reiterate what you said:

    “Um. What?!”


    That pretty much sums it up.

  6. the jealous curator /// 01.30.2013 /// 11:07am

    i know… not very academic sounding, but it really does sum it up! : )

  7. chloe /// 01.30.2013 /// 2:00pm

    amazing! I think the matchbook and candles are oil, though, not watercolor. nonetheless, all amazing!!!

  8. the jealous curator /// 01.30.2013 /// 5:06pm

    oh yeah! you’re right! oops… tweaking the post right now 😉

  9. tiffanie /// 01.31.2013 /// 12:03am

    I’ve come back to this post several times today, Danielle. I really can’t believe these! I have many times been “accused” of controlling my watercolor too much, but this! THIS is controlled watercolor. AMAZING!

  10. Zia Daugherty /// 02.01.2013 /// 5:49am

    I’m also very jealous. I cannot believe those are watercolor! Just amazing…

  11. the jealous curator /// 02.01.2013 /// 7:51am

    the bottom two are oil (i thought they were all watercolor, but clearly i didn’t read the fine print), but yes, i have no idea how those first 3 are watercolor?! amazing.

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