i’m jealous of katherine tromans

“Paradise” – a lovely, magical, pastel-hued series by British artist/illustrator Katherine Tromans. These were “the outcome of [her] final degree project… that explored the theme of paradise, interpreting different people’s descriptions of their own individual paradise, and then transforming them into otherworldly landscapes.” Sigh. Otherworldly, indeed! Ok. so I realize that final detail is a bit pixelized, but I really wanted to make sure you saw that tiny blue village, perfectly perched on that pink grass, only inches away from glass-like cliffs. Oh, and those pastel trees on the far right… Love! {ps. That final drawing looks like pelvic bones, right? I wonder what that particular friend’s description of paradise was? Curious.}

{via Fine Line Magazine}

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  1. Atelier Decor /// 02.07.2013 /// 5:42am

    So beautiful! We have been looking at your blog and you have amazing taste for art! We are jealous of your blog 😛

    Regards from Madrid,

    Atelier Decor

  2. Lauren Ashley /// 02.07.2013 /// 7:38am

    These are beautiful, so intricate.

  3. Marine /// 02.08.2013 /// 2:06am

    So nice…

  4. Michele /// 02.08.2013 /// 3:11am

    reminds me of Greg Euclid’s work…only 2D and in ice cream colors

  5. the jealous curator /// 02.08.2013 /// 5:39am

    ha! yes! that would make for a great collaboration actually!

  6. Zia Daugherty /// 02.08.2013 /// 6:18am

    Wow! These are incredible!! I love the idea that most people’s idea of paradise involves mostly nature landscapes… Beautiful! I’m curious as to what medium the artist used?

  7. Janine /// 02.16.2013 /// 8:16pm

    I also thought the last picture resembled the shape of the pelvic area. Maybe the friend described paradise as being comfortable, safe and cared for and was possibly interpreted as inside the womb? Very interesting and beautiful.

  8. Faye /// 02.18.2013 /// 3:43pm

    I could be wrong but the 3rd drawing is of a female pelvis and the first 2 look more like a males ,wondering is thats the sex of the person.Or it’s like Janine thinks.Either way they are so cool.

  9. nicky /// 03.13.2013 /// 6:54pm

    is it possible not the join the photos together? it makes it very hard to save as ref… need to cut them separately…. Thanks

  10. the jealous curator /// 03.13.2013 /// 7:49pm

    i don’t have time either ; )
    it takes forever to bring them in one at a time, and space them perfectly… so i do one big one! sorry!!!