i’m jealous of veron urdarianu

Tonight is finally the opening night for my latest curation, “Beautifully Boring” at Tanner Hill Gallery in Chattanooga (YAY!). In honor of that, I wanted to share a very new discovery… well, very new to me anyway! This is the wonderfully mundane work of Romanian born, Amsterdam based artist Veron Urdarianu. I spent all day yesterday with Mark Bradley Shoup, one of the artists in the show tonight, and he shared this work with me. Given how much I love every single piece in “Beautifully Boring”, he thought I might just LOVE these paintings {yes, paintings! I was quite sure they were done with layered paper}. Well, he was right. I do love them. Very, very much!

Ok, I’m off to check out the gallery one last time before opening night! If you’re in the state of Tennessee, I hope to see you tonight! ; )

{ps. I couldn’t find a site for Veron, so I’ve just linked you to the Google results for him… Sorry! Hopefully you can still find more info there if you want it!}

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  1. Zia Daugherty /// 02.08.2013 /// 6:20am

    I’m really loving the second to the last one…

  2. Kari /// 02.08.2013 /// 7:21am

    The texture of these photographs so well – they must be amazing in person

  3. AshleyHamilton /// 02.08.2013 /// 7:40am

    OhmygodGorgeous! (all one word) 😉

  4. K Gilmour /// 02.08.2013 /// 9:54am

    I am in neutral heaven.

  5. tijana /// 02.08.2013 /// 8:34pm

    congrats on the opening!

  6. the jealous curator /// 02.08.2013 /// 9:08pm

    thank you! it was a fantastic night! photos to come very soon!

  7. Becca /// 02.09.2013 /// 2:30pm

    Wow! The color palette is really fantastic…loving all the tones of nue and blush! Number 3 and 5 are my favorite.

  8. Juliette /// 12.04.2013 /// 9:26am

    Love this work too.I saw his solo show last week in Amsterdam