i’m jealous of aesthetica magazine

So, I just discovered Aesthetica, a gorgeous “Art & Culture Magazine” from the UK. It was this stunning story, in Issue 51, about American photographer Garry Winogrand {1928-1984} that got me! He spent the 1960’s capturing beautiful moments in everyday American life  – from the rich and famous, to the average stranger on the street {… if you’re as captivated by these images as I am, you can see this work in person at SFMOMA until June 2, 2013}. Now, as fantastic as these spreads are, Aesthetica is not just about black and white vintage retrospectives, oh no! It’s also full of glossy, contemporary pages as well…

Yes! Enter the work of Montreal based fashion/editorial photographers, MarquisMontes, aka Jose Enrique Montes Hernandez and Valérie Boulet, partners in work and in life. Quite a contrast to the work of Garry Winogrand, but it all finds a perfect home in this issue. Gor.Ge. Ous.

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  2. Kreetta /// 03.28.2013 /// 9:08am

    Thanks for sharing, just ordered one!

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  4. Sandra /// 03.28.2013 /// 7:19pm

    I SO wanna go see the Winogrand show at SFMOMA….

  5. the jealous curator /// 03.28.2013 /// 7:32pm

    looks amazing, doesn’t it!?

  6. Hanna /// 03.31.2013 /// 10:07am

    Great blog, super fun, I will definitely follow!