jealous in austin… with alyson fox

Ah, this is where it all began… a joke that I made on sfgirlbybay about hosting a tea party using gorgeous dishware designed by artist Alyson Fox. Five GIRL CRUSH art workshop + tea parties later, and I’m on my way to AustinĀ {at the airport as we speak} to co-host GIRL CRUSH Austin with Alyson!

Now, it turns out that she is not only an insanely talented artist/designer {see everything above? yep.}, but also an amazing cook … so she’s making our fancy lunch herself! All of the sweet treats for the afternoon tea party are being generously baked and donated by Sugar Mama’s Bake Shop {who just happen to be recent winners on Cupcake Wars!}. Now, if all of that wasn’t fantastic enough, guess who my “helper” is for the day? Kelly from Design Crush is making her way down from Oklahoma City to help me with all of the tiny details that go into making GIRL CRUSH happen. Yep, this is gonna be GOOD.

Alyson’s beautiful home studio. Amazing women sharing their creative struggles & triumphs. Sugar. A truck load of art supplies.

See you on the other side.

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  1. emily /// 04.18.2013 /// 7:10am

    I hope you’ll be bringing the party back to seattle soon! Where is that gorgeous necklace from that is pictured above? thanks!

  2. the jealous curator /// 04.18.2013 /// 7:15am

    all of the work above was designed by alyson… she’s multi-talented!!! you can find out more about the jewelry on her site :

  3. Susan /// 04.18.2013 /// 9:20pm

    These plates are so lovely, delicate and sophisticated. I like how all her pieces are cohesive, despite jumping so many genres and mediums. Have a wonderful tea party!

  4. Laura /// 04.19.2013 /// 4:04am

    Oh wow! I wish I could be there too. It sounds amazing. Cogs are turning…
    Thanks for a great blog!

  5. Rochelle /// 04.19.2013 /// 6:43pm

    Cool house, pretty plates & love that chair! Sounds like you’ll have fun, can’t wait to hear how the party goes!

  6. CRISPIN /// 04.20.2013 /// 10:42pm

    Lovely! Lovely!

  7. Anna /// 04.21.2013 /// 4:10am

    Beauty! Thank you!