i’m jealous of nathan manire

Whoa. Watercolor dots on paper. Just dots.

These gorgeous, and very clever, portraits are the work of New York based artist Nathan Manire. When you see them from far away {go on, get up from your computer and take about 10 steps back} they suddenly have shading, depth and detail… but up close they are just a bunch of lovely, washy dots. Just dots {that I completely love on their own too!}

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  1. Sharmon Davidson /// 06.14.2013 /// 7:47am

    Very, very cool- I can’t decide if I like it better close up or far away!

  2. the jealous curator /// 06.14.2013 /// 7:50am

    me too! they’re gorgeous dots, aren’t they?!

  3. Ana /// 06.14.2013 /// 9:15am


  4. nicole /// 06.14.2013 /// 10:02am

    so jealous/inspired

  5. Kari /// 06.14.2013 /// 10:02am

    very impressive, and look totally fun to create!

  6. Mary Gaspar /// 06.14.2013 /// 2:45pm

    That is crrrazy. Love.