i’m jealous of brian cronin

I’m not sorry! In fact, I couldn’t be less sorry about showing you the work of Dublin born, Brooklyn based artist/illustrator Brian Cronin. Beautiful, vintage-inspired worlds that I would really love to visit … cable knit tents and baskets for bike helmets … oh yes, this is my kind o’ place! Now, not only am I smitten with Brian’s paintings, so is Milton Glaser. That’s right. Milton. Glaser. Here’s what one of the most famous graphic designers in the USA has to say about Brian’s work:

“Brian Cronin, who worked for me when he was an innocent lad from Ireland, has blossomed into one of the best practitioners for design and illustration in the field”.

Well that’s not too shabby, is it!?

{I found Brian’s work at ReneeRhynerShop.com. Pop over and have a look when you have a moment – lots of lovely work at affordable prices. I want that girl on the bike!}