labor day

Well, this seemed ridiculously perfect for Labor Day! This past February, instead of using violence, Italian workers used an art installation to protest the immense number of job losses in the construction sector. 10,000 yellow helmets were placed in front of Milan’s stock exchange as workers, laborers, clerks, surveyors, architects and real estate agents made a statement on their ‘la giornata della collera’ – ‘the day of anger’. What a beautiful, smart, and peaceful to demonstrate that anger. And so on that note… Happy Labor Day!

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  1. Mary Gaspar /// 09.03.2013 /// 3:59am

    Wow this is SO powerful, beautiful and profound. And yes, perfect peaceful demonstration. Thanks for sharing Danielle!

  2. the jealous curator /// 09.03.2013 /// 6:51am

    thanks for commenting mary! : )

  3. thais /// 09.03.2013 /// 8:17am

    i saw this – since i live in Milan – it was great. it wasn’t the first time they did something like that on that piazza. that Cattelan sculpture always brings manifestations over there. the other time were gold bars, and also around the city as well.

    ps. i’m addicted to your blog!

  4. the jealous curator /// 09.03.2013 /// 10:02am

    ooh! very cool… and i’m jealous that you saw this in person (and that you live in milan!!!) : )

  5. Beth /// 09.03.2013 /// 11:09am

    This is awesome!

    It reminds me of some of Martha Schwartz’ art installations. She did one at the Rio Shopping Center with gold frogs.
    And the Littman wedding with flower pots and sun flowers.

  6. the jealous curator /// 09.03.2013 /// 8:36pm

    ooh! gorgeous! thanks beth : )

  7. Beth /// 09.04.2013 /// 7:02am

    Welcome! There are some really fabulous art installations/land art by landscape architects. (Not that I’m bias or anything just because I have a degree in landscape architecture. 🙂 )

    Brad Goldberg is someone worth checking out. Talented and a nice guy too.