i’m jealous of kimiaki yaegashi

You really want a slice of pizza now, don’t you? Me too! Now I just need a bikini and a couple of weird side-kicks to help me eat a pepperoni n’ mushroom n’ green pepper special! Maybe I could invite Tokyo based artist/illustratorĀ Kimiaki Yaegashi – I have a feeling he’d be up for it! He makes all sorts of weird and wonderful things. You know, things like stencil prints of girls riding llamas & dinosaurs:

Love! AND pretty much everything he makes isĀ available as prints, bags or T-shirts!

{I found some of the pizza images on Booooooom, and the rest on Kimiaki’s site}

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  1. Alecia /// 09.03.2013 /// 10:44am

    Definitely interesting! But yes I totally want pizza now.

    -Alecia likesof.us

  2. Erika /// 09.03.2013 /// 11:22am

    I adore these illustrations. I’m particularly fond of the llama. I love your blog too! So much amazing art.

  3. Ana /// 09.03.2013 /// 3:08pm

    I’m hungry for a big slice with a lot of melted, stretchy cheese.

  4. the jealous curator /// 09.03.2013 /// 8:34pm

    yes. so much cheese!
    … and erika, thank YOU! : )

  5. Sami /// 09.17.2013 /// 5:30am

    The first illustrations remind me of Aubrey Beardsley artwork, somewhat fluid, entertaining, and at the same time disturbing…

    AB reincarnated…

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