i’m jealous of lynn pollard

Oh, the quiet blue hilltops of Atlanta based artist Lynn Pollard. We should probably just sit silently, taking them in and enjoying them for their tranquil beauty… but I also really, really, really want to tell you how she makes her indigo mountains!

“This piece is made with a special technique I developed. I dip paper into a vat of natural indigo dye and move it in ways to create the image–no paintbrush is used. The paper is dipped multiple times over a number of days to add complexity and to take advantage of the fact that the indigo vat is constantly changing. The paper has a deckled edge, and reflects the fact that it has been wet.”

Amazing! It sounds almost as relaxing as the final image looks ~ Om.

{ps. If you’d like one of her hills, a few of her originals are available through ugallery.com}

comments (6)

  1. Lisa Krannichfeld /// 10.08.2013 /// 12:11pm

    I’m. in. love.

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.08.2013 /// 8:54pm

    me. too.

  3. Lynn /// 10.09.2013 /// 10:16am

    You’re exactly right! I wake up to local talk radio and hear about all the wrecks, robberies, and murders, and breakfast with NPR hearing about international atrocities, and then I escape to my studio and make ideal landscapes with no mark of human existences.

    Thanking you for the wonderful recognition,

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.09.2013 /// 2:39pm

    ahhh… it sounds wonderful! thanks for popping in, lynn : )

  5. Wendy /// 11.16.2013 /// 8:55am

    Wonderfully Zen

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