tOmi scheiderbauer

Austrian artist tOmi Scheiderbauer is currently living in a beach town on Italy’s eastern coast. Well, clearly that’s reason no.1 to be jealous of him! Reason no.2 … his knack for seeing special objects and moments in every day life… which he then photographs, crops into this fantastic shape, and labels in a poetic, and sometimes hilarious way. He does all of that in a beach town on Italy’s eastern coast. I mentioned that already, right? Sigh. Jealous.

THIS JUST IN! Look what tOmi did for me after he saw this post! I love it soooo much!

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  1. Derek /// 10.19.2013 /// 12:51pm

    Wow! Id like to have your eyes.

  2. /// 09.21.2014 /// 10:40am

    org private goose herren billig_jacke canada goose damen.

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