patricia derks

YES! This is exactly the kind of portrait I need heading into the weekend… strange, vibrant, beautiful! These large-scale blue & yellow lipped faces are the work of Patricia Derks, and granted, I realize that Google Translate has something to do with this, but the first paragraph on her about page says “Painting, love to do.” Awesome. Happy weekend : )

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  1. Kelsey Lynore /// 10.19.2013 /// 12:26am

    Her palettes are amazing! I also love the contrast between those details that have been so lovingly tended to, and others where she seemingly didn’t give a damn, as if the unadulterated paint sufficed. Amazingly moody, but not too much so. Awesome.

  2. Rachel /// 10.19.2013 /// 7:10am

    See, when they were trying to teach us about colour in art school they should have just shown us this artists work. Id have understood immediately then. Fantastic work.

  3. Kreetta /// 10.20.2013 /// 9:59am

    Blue hair. Just love these.

  4. Ana María /// 10.20.2013 /// 2:38pm

    blue hair, green lips, mysterious expressions … wow

  5. Andrea /// 10.22.2013 /// 6:43am

    I have been so in LOVE with her work. Color, subject matter, all good. I’d love to see her try nudes as well.

    Happy she’s included on your fantastic blog!