kirsten sims

Ahhh! I can almost feel the warm, sweet, tropical breezes wafting over meĀ {ok, that might be the space heater blowing from under my desk, but a girl can dream}. These are the strange and magical landscapes of South African artist Kirsten Sims. I am completely enamored with all of the lush plants, not to mention the sweet little houses & tents… but what truly takes my breath away… the skies. Oh, the night-time skies! Gorgeous.

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  1. claudia /// 11.04.2013 /// 4:07pm

    I am jealous of your website photo, clever

  2. danielle @ this picture book life /// 11.04.2013 /// 4:19pm

    Yes, these are breathtaking! The first few remind me of the picture book Jemmy Button a great deal.

  3. the jealous curator /// 11.05.2013 /// 7:54am

    oh yes… the colors and lushness for sure! it’s kirsten’s starry skies that just kill me! : )