jim naughten

I wrote about Jim Naughten and his ongoing series, titled Re-Enactors, three years ago. In an almost painterly fashion, he photographs people who “step out of their routine daily lives and transform into historical characters from the First and Second World Wars, often with such vigor and obsessive attention to detail that it’s hard to imagine them in contemporary settings.” I thought this work was very appropriate for today… lest we forget.

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  1. Zandra Zuraw /// 11.11.2013 /// 4:11pm

    What a lovely idea to post this on Veteran’s Day! Thanks for sharing. And I LOVE your blog. (I’m totally jealous of you).

  2. Paul Dorrell /// 11.11.2013 /// 8:32pm

    Exquisitely done. They look like the real deal, and very British–except for the guy in the German helmet.

  3. the jealous curator /// 11.11.2013 /// 9:25pm

    well, i suppose every reenactment needs someone to pretend battle against ; )

  4. Julie /// 11.12.2013 /// 8:17am

    Wow, great find! I’ve only just seen this today but indeed what a great and fitting post for Veterans’ Day. Amazing!

  5. the jealous curator /// 11.12.2013 /// 10:24am

    thanks! i love these shots too : )

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