maria hergueta

Oh, that Frida! Yep, I came across that image and was instantly sold on the work of Spanish artist/illustrator¬†Maria Hergueta… I love the feminine feel to her work {don’t even get me started on that cross-stitched illustration!}. But it’s not all about the ladies… nope, she’s got a little something for the kids and fellas, too:

… and the men:

: )

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  1. Grace /// 11.15.2013 /// 9:07am


  2. Michelle /// 11.15.2013 /// 3:36pm

    Love these! Totally perfect. In each and every way. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Kelsey Lynore /// 11.15.2013 /// 4:53pm

    That Frida Kahlo smacks of the one portrait of Emily Dickinson. :)

  4. LilahV /// 11.15.2013 /// 5:11pm

    I mean just … wow.

  5. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 11.15.2013 /// 5:28pm

    i agree… wow. {that silent frida is killing me! LOVE!}

  6. Clare /// 11.19.2013 /// 11:45am

    I love the pink blush scribble on the cross-stitched gal! just perfect & lovely lovely lovely

  7. tata kids design /// 03.24.2014 /// 3:17am

    wow i LOVE her!