brenda cablayan

I love suburban houses. I love Hawaii. I loooove these paintings by Honolulu based artist Brenda Cablayan. This is just such a beautiful, simple, non-touristy view of island life. Sigh… now I want to live in a little white house on a Hawaiian hill ♥

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  1. Jen /// 11.27.2013 /// 9:09am

    I love these too!

  2. Mossy /// 11.27.2013 /// 9:58am

    I kind of wanted to live in Hawaii before I see these paintings but that has increased after seeing them… they’re just wonderful. Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. Michelle /// 11.27.2013 /// 10:51am


  4. Kathy W /// 11.27.2013 /// 4:02pm

    Ooooooh. I love these.

  5. Rose /// 11.28.2013 /// 11:04am

    Brings back memories of driving in Oahu. Such a beautiful view of it!

  6. Link Love 2.12.2013 | Pretty Mayhem /// 12.01.2013 /// 5:36pm

    […] These beautiful paintings of Hawaii made me want to visit the island even more. I need another […]

  7. Colleen /// 06.07.2014 /// 11:27am

    If anyone knows where you can find prints of her work, please point me in the right direction.

  8. April Cooper /// 07.01.2016 /// 6:49pm

    I was interested in a print. I don’t think the real ones are in my price range.

  9. April Cooper /// 03.05.2018 /// 6:44pm

    I loved the paintings. Are they available? Maybe at least as a print?

  10. April Cooper /// 03.05.2018 /// 6:45pm

    I am interested in buying a print. Are they available? I love them.

  11. the jealous curator /// 03.06.2018 /// 7:24am

    i’m not sure april – you’ll have to reach out to brenda: