emily winfield martin

As I was working on this, I thought:

Question: “Do I really want my first full post of 2014 to feature naked, tattooed people?”

Answer: “HELL yes!”

This is the work of Portland based Emily Winfield Martin. All of her work is beautifully painted, and super sweet… with just a little more than a hint of weird. Yep, a perfect way to kick off a new year of artsy posts [insert moody girls in woodland sweaters here]

{fyi… her etsy shop, aka the black apple, is full of fantastic/affordable prints}

comments (4)

  1. Mary Gaspar /// 01.02.2014 /// 9:48am

    I love Emily’s work and have been a long time fan of her Etsy shop, The Black Apple! Good choice-so pretty and strange, love!

  2. northierthanthou /// 01.03.2014 /// 7:38pm

    Interesting stuff. I like the designs on the woman’s body. Very cool.

  3. gonebamboo /// 01.13.2014 /// 2:42pm

    I found Ms. Martin’s work in June 2012. I finally purchased 8 prints of her girls, and framed them in tramp art frames for my dining room. I now dine with them each evening, and l feel they each have such an interesting story to tell.

  4. the jealous curator /// 01.13.2014 /// 9:12pm

    excellent dinner company!