joël penkman… again

Well, I thought I was still full from the holidays, but now I’m pretty sure I could make room for a bunch of fancy cheese & crackers… and maybe even some catfish paté. Or, maybe not.

I wrote about New Zealand born – UK based artist Joël Penkman‘s pretty ice cream bars and popsicles last spring, but was so excited to see these delectable treats from her new series {and book}, titled The Taste of America. Ok, you’re probably thinking, where are the hotdogs and sodas? Well yes, there are a few of those in the series {pickles too}, but the majority of the paintings are of delicious, beautifully packaged, gourmet food from around the USA… I mentioned the catfish paté, right? Hm, I might just stick with the wild beach plum jelly.

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  1. elizabeth /// 01.03.2014 /// 8:44am

    Love it …. looking forward to my evening snack 🙂 …. have a lovely weekend

  2. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 01.03.2014 /// 9:10am

    mmmm, me too! happy weekend to you too elizabeth : )