david imlay

Oh boy. Everyday street corners, old cars, simple homes… yep, my mundane-loving heart skipped a beat when I saw these oil paintings {some on wood, some on canvas} by San Francisco based artist David Imlay. Sigh. So quiet, so beautifully painted, sooooo good.

{Thanks to artist/illustrator Frances Marin for sending me a link to David’s work}

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  1. Laura /// 04.08.2014 /// 6:53am

    Really beautiful and evocative! They also remind me of Christopher Hall’s Instagram feed (in a really good way).

  2. bruna /// 04.08.2014 /// 9:18am

    loving his dog portraits!

  3. maggie /// 04.08.2014 /// 11:30am

    These are paintings? How cool!

  4. the jealous curator /// 04.08.2014 /// 4:55pm

    yes!!! aren’t they fantastic!?!

  5. Annette /// 04.09.2014 /// 5:50am

    Just can’t stop staring at these, so beautiful! also in aw that they are paintings.

  6. Veron Ennis /// 04.10.2014 /// 6:46am

    So excited to read that these are oil paintings!

  7. Anton /// 04.27.2014 /// 8:53pm

    Nice pieces. They remind me of Robert Bechtle’s photorealist work, but regardless, the guy can paint!

  8. David Imlay /// 03.27.2015 /// 12:58pm

    Thank you for posting.

  9. the jealous curator /// 03.28.2015 /// 12:32pm

    of course david… i love your work!