nick dilallo

I love numbers, and I love New York … so yes… I love this photo series titled New York Numbers by Nick DiLallo. He sent me an email with a link to his number-covered instagram feed, and I wanted to start working on this post immediately. I wrote him back to do a bit of pre-post fact checking, and silly me, assumed he was a professional photographer. Nope. He’s a copywriter at an ad agency by day, and an instagramming / number loving genius later that day. Don’t you love it when super talented people surprise you like that? Me too.

*How great is that 85? Coral & teal, those shapes… it’s so perfectly 1985!  ♥

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  1. maggie /// 04.09.2014 /// 2:59pm

    Oh. I love this. And it’s cool that this is a passion he is following!

  2. Shayna /// 04.09.2014 /// 6:44pm

    These are exceptional.

  3. Tiffany /// 04.11.2014 /// 8:22am

    These are so fun! 89, 97, and 85 are my favorites!

  4. inspiration collection: 002 | /// 11.07.2014 /// 9:21am

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