amelia coward

I suddenly feel the urge to cut up a bunch of old books… PERFECTLY. Sigh. Original bits of maps, landscapes, comic books, and vintage ladies cut into triangles, circles, diamonds, and hexagons. So simple, but oh, so striking… this is the lovely collage work of UK Artist Amelia Coward.

{via Saatchi}

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  1. claire /// 08.06.2014 /// 6:57am

    Wow love these, particularly the first one. So beautiful.

  2. Hannelore /// 08.06.2014 /// 7:25am

    Oh beautiful! I have a bunch of old books with maps and photos of plants and mountains. I use them to make birthday cards for my friends and this is great inspiration!

  3. Desiree /// 08.06.2014 /// 11:15am

    I love this! I use old books, magazines, and maps in my work, but sometimes I have a fear of commitment to cut them up because it’s “one and done.” This is an inspiration!

  4. danielle (aka the jealous curator) /// 08.06.2014 /// 11:41am

    that’s exactly what i was thinking desiree… true commitment to the ‘cut’! ; )

  5. amelia coward /// 08.07.2014 /// 3:23am

    There is real therapy making a whole new life for the old books. Don’t be scared!!

  6. the jealous curator /// 08.07.2014 /// 5:35am

    ha! thanks amelia… i cut up the original images too, and you’re right! it is quite zen actually… what will be will be. : )

  7. tinyWOOLF /// 08.07.2014 /// 6:55am

    super. is VERY inspiring. cheers for highlight! n♥

  8. jen dunbabin /// 06.11.2016 /// 1:48am

    gorgeous amelia. thank you for sharing.