david samuel stern

Fun. Weird. Beautiful.

“Each of these portraits is the result of physically weaving together two photographic prints of the same sitter.” LOVE! This is the work of Brooklyn based photographer David Samuel Stern, and if you didn’t pick up on my subtlety, I LOVE it all! And now I’m a tiny bit dizzy.

{thanks to Jeanne Heifetz for the link to these pieces!}

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  1. sam kelly /// 08.19.2014 /// 8:20am

    Gorgeous! Reminds me of this work by Kyle DePew:


  2. S. Lauren@ModernGranola /// 08.19.2014 /// 10:24am

    This is so interesting. I first saw this and immediately tried to figure out how he achieved this look, and was utterly surprised that he wove the two prints with his hands. It’s a great example of how the process of creating is just as important as the finished piece.

  3. Sharmon Davidson /// 08.19.2014 /// 2:20pm

    Great work! I thought it looked woven, but figured it was probably done digitally somehow…

  4. Ce Woo /// 08.19.2014 /// 2:44pm

    Reminds me also of the work of Carolyn V. Marsden, who also physically wove her photographs, some of them massive (portraits can be seen at the bottom of the page):


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  7. Rick Minard /// 08.21.2014 /// 2:00am

    There’s something about the woven aspect that adds to the narrative of the image. I’ve been weaving my paintings since 1998. I enjoy the process and the results are always satisfying.

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