i heart affordable art

It’s not always easy to find affordable art that you love… but it is possible, I promise! I have all sorts of stuff in my house – a few amazing originals, but honestly, lots and lots of prints from lots and lots of my favorite artists. There is something so energizing about walking into a room and seeing a piece you love hanging on the wall… and when it’s affordable, well, even better! I’ve made a conscious effort to have pieces in my online gallery, GalleryONE, that won’t break the bank. Here are just a few that range from $20 to $200. I hope you find something you like…

1. Kathleen Turner $25  2. Kathleen Turner $20  3. Lisa Golightly $22  4. Becky Kemp $22  5. Becky Kemp $22  6. Wilder California $30

1. Shannon Rankin $45  2. Shannon Rankin $45  3. Kelly Ventura $42  4. Alicia Zwicewicz $50  5. Kiana Mosley $65

1. Print Club Boston $100  2. Print Club Boston $100  3. Jaime Rovenstine $100  4. Jaime Rovenstine $150  5. Lola Donoghue $200  6. Lola Donoghue $200  7. Lola Donoghue $200

Tah-dah! And there are many, many more pieces for you to choose from in the gallery. Pop over and take a peek {and if there is an artist you think I absolutely have to show at GalleryONE, please let me know!}

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  1. Melissa /// 10.16.2014 /// 10:26am

    Who doesn’t heart affordable art! Especially when it’s this gorgeous. I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while, but this post finally made me break my silence. Post more like this, please! 🙂

  2. the jealous curator /// 10.16.2014 /// 10:52am

    oh! good to know! i guess i just assumed that everyone knows where to find affordable art. maybe not? ok.. more posts like this on their way 🙂

  3. Lee @ Modern Granola /// 10.16.2014 /// 11:30am

    All of this is really cool. Thanks for sharing!

  4. the jealous curator /// 10.16.2014 /// 12:24pm

    no problem! thank you for commenting 🙂

  5. nadya /// 10.16.2014 /// 3:35pm

    This is amazing. Exactly what I’m all about. I love your site, btw.

  6. sylvia /// 10.29.2014 /// 8:45am

    So many great finds – my biggest problem is how to choose!